Michael Carey is an award-winning producer, songwriter, composer, and guitarist who writes, produces, mixes, and plays on albums by platinum and cutting edge acts including Escape The Fate, Gavin James, Idina Menzel, Mary Lambert, Pablo Alboran (6x platinum). His recent work producing and co-writing Santana singer Andy Vargas’s debut single “The Beat” garnered a 2016 Hollywood Music In Media Award and his co-write of Escape The Fate’s hit single “Alive” helped propel the band’s album “Hate Me” to #2 on the Billboard hard rock charts. He’s also composed hundreds of commercials, TV themes and scores for clients including Disney, CBS, TBS, Coca Cola, Outback Steakhouse, Ford, Toyota, and NASCAR. 

Underlying his diverse body of work is a focus on fundamentals; emotional impact, structure, storytelling, and execution that remain constant whether writing songs, producing albums or scoring for picture.

Michael’s own background as a gun-for-hire guitarist, session player and singer/songwriter/frontman through his teens and twenties (including training with esteemed vocal coach Ron Anderson) allows him to create a comfortable working environment that encourages singers and musicians be inspired and empowered, free to take risks and dig deep.

His personal studio incorporates acoustically designed control and live rooms,15-foot vaulted ceilings with skylights, beautiful analog and vintage/boutique gear (instruments, amps, mics, mic pre’s and compressors) and an expanded Pro Tools HD system with best-of-breed plug-ins by Slate Digital, PSP, Soundtoys, Fabfilter, and many others, allowing for great sonic versatility and character with sounds ranging from warm and organic to modern, hard-hitting and impactful.

While much of his work - writing, composing, mixing - is by necessity, solitary, his greatest joy is in collaborating with artists, musicians and directors. “There’s a unique inspiration that occurs when different creative individuals work together. You get the sum total of different entire lifetimes of experience and influences distilled into this new work that’s taking shape in the moment. That’s when surprises happen… things you might never come upon working alone. Creating something collaboratively that did not exist before, and would never have existed if not for people coming together to make it a reality. That for me is magic.”

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Album Work/Discography


Date     Artist/Client          Song/Album                              Role                          

2019 Connor Duermit Everything Mix + Mastering

2019 Dave Terry Girl In The Magazine Mix + Mastering

2019 Dave Terry El Cerrito Mix + Mastering

2019 Cyrus Yung Satisfied (feat. Noone) Mix + Mastering

2018 Cyrus Yung Fake Love Mix + Mastering

2018 Gwen Stefani You Make Me Feel Like Christmas (2018 Deluxe Edition) - Pro Tools Editing

2018 Vanesa Martín Todas Las Mujeres Que Habitan En Mi Electric Guitars/Engineer #1 iTunes Spain Album Debut

2018 The Story So Far Proper Dose Mix Assistant to Eric Valentine

2017      Diamante                     Coming In Hot (Single)                    Songwriter       Debut Radio Single

2016      Andy Vargas                The Beat (Single)                             Producer/Songwriter/Guitars/Engineer

2016      The Agonist                  The Ocean                                     Songwriter

2016      Idina Menzel                 idina (Album)                                  Guitars/Engineer     #4 iTunes Album Charts

2016      Vanesa Martín               Directo (Album)                             Guitars/Engineer     #1 Single iTunes-Spain

2016      OTEP                             Down (Lords of War)                      Songwriter              #10 Google Play

2015      Escape The Fate           Alive (single) (Hate Me)                  Songwriter   #2 Hard Rock Album / #26 Active Rock Radio

2015      Escape The Fate           End of the World (Hate Me)            Songwriter  #2 Hard Rock Album

2015      Gavin James                 Ghost (acoustic version)                  Producer/Mixer/Eng… Release date TBD

2015      Andy Vargas (Santana)  On Christmas Eve (Holiday Single)  Co-Producer/Mix/Guitar/Engineer

2015      Michael Bublé                (New album in progress)                  Engineer/Pro Tools        Release date: Q2 - 2016

2015      Alyse Black                     Love & Laughter (Album)                Guitars/Engineer             Release date: Q1 - 2016

2014      Pablo Alboran                Terral           Guitars/Engineer | 6x Platinum | 2016 Grammy Nominee "Best Latin Pop Album"

2014      Mary Lambert                 Heart On My Sleeve (Album)           Guitars/Engineer            #29 Pop Album Charts 

2014      Jacqie Lee                      Broken Ones (EP)                           Guitars/Engineer            #12 US Heat Charts

2014      Kenichi Kurosawa           Lifetime Best (Album)                      Guitars/Engineer

2014      Big Fish Audio                The Rock Collective                        Composer/Producer/Mixer/Guitars/Programming/Engineer

2013      Mary Lambert                  She Keeps Me Warm (Single)         Guitars/Engineer            #20 US Adult Top 40

2013      Tony Lucca                      Never Gonna Let You Go” (Single)    Guitars/Engineer

2013      Tony Lucca                      With The Whole World Watching (EP) Guitars/Engineer 

2013      MAX                                 Have A Nice Flight (Single)                  Producer/Mixer/Guitars/Engineer/Programming 

2013      MAX                                 My Name Is Dick (Single)                    Songwriter/Guitars/Keys/Programming 

2013     Nogu Svelo!                      Faberge Eggs (Single)                        Prod./Mix/Eng./Gtrs/BVs         #1 Rock Single - Russia 

2013     Nogu Svelo!                      Eat My Heart (Album)                         Producer/Guitars/Programming 

2013     LOUNA                               Storming Heaven–MC Remix            Remix: Production/Guitars//Piano/Programming/Mix

2012     Andy Vargas (Santana)      Harvest For The World                       Producer/Arranger/Guitars/Programming/Engineer

2011    Bright Young Fires ft. Katie Cole     Light It Up (Single)           Songwriter/Prod./Mix/Gtrs/Eng…  Multiple TV+Film Placements

2011    Bright Young Fires ft. Katie Cole     First time Today (Single)  Songwriter/Prod./Mix/Gtrs/Eng…  Multiple TV+Film Placements

2010    Jason Castro                      Jason Castro (Album) |                     Guitars/Engineer                       #7 US Top Digital Albums

2010    J.R. Richards (Dishwalla)   Monday Came (End Title Track from the Motion Picture Lbs.)  Songwriter, Producer, Guitars, Engineer 

2010    J.R. Richards (Dishwalla)    Sunlight (Single)                                 Songwriter, Producer, Guitars, Mixer

2010    J.R. Richards (Dishwalla)    Sugarville                                           Songwriter/Prod./Gtrs/Keys/Prog./Eng… Multiple TV Placements 

2010    Steve Hott                           Down / Over / Next To You                Songwriter 

2009   The Dares                            Why Do I (Two Left Feet - EP)        Songwriter -  Featured in the film Junkyard Dog 

2006   Agnes Chan                       Forget Yourself (Album)                    Co-Producer/Co-writer/Guitars/Programming/Engineer

2004   Desmond Child                   Do You Still Feel the Fire                 Producer/Arranger/Mixer/Guitars/Programming/Piano/Engineer

2002   Robbie Williams                 Coffee Tea and Sympathy (Single)  Loops/Drum Programming/BVs/Pro Tools #3 UK Singles Chart 

2000   Will Smith                           Freak This/Wild Wild West                Arranger/Programmer/Pro Tools      2000 Grammy and Brit Awards 

2000   2000 Grammys                   Apocalyptic (Opening Music for 2000 Grammys)   Composer/Arranger/Producer

2000   Wilson Phillips                    Don’t Go Wasting My Time (Single)  ProducerArranger/Mixer/Guitars/Programming

1998   Nikki Hassman                    Nikki Hassman (Album)                      Rhythm Arrangements/Loops/Drum Programming/Pro Tool

Composer  Commercials, Film & TV 

Composer / Producer  / Mixer  

Awards include Cannes Silver Lion, Addys & Mobius


Hundreds of high profile TV spots for clients including: 

Coca Cola
Papa John’s
Taco Bell
General Mills
Universal Orlando
DEP/LA Looks
Lincoln Mercury
Asahi Beer
Korean Airlines
Bonefish Grill
ABC 7 News
CBS Television
Carrabbas Italian Grill
Buena Vista Home Video
Childhelp USA
DIne Out For America
New York City Aids Awareness Campaign



I Want To Say – Main Title Them & Underscore
(WINNER: 2012 Healdsburg International Film Festival - Best Documentary)

Monday Came – End Title Track from the motion picture Lbs.  
(2011 IFC Spirit Awards Finalist, 2011 Prism Nomination, Sundance Official Selection)

Why Do I – Soundtrack song ft. The Dares from the feature film Junkyard Dog
Enter The Fist – (Git Some& Show Me) - Soundtrack songs from the feature film
Squeeze – Theatrical Trailer – Miramax Films
Action Trailer – Buena Vista Features
The Lion King – TV trailers – Disney/BVHV
Aladdin – TV trailers – Disney/BVHV
Mighty Aphrodite – TV trailers – Disney/BVHV 



Dinner And A Movie – TBS – Main Title Theme, Underscore, Bumpers & Stingers
War GamesTBS – 2-hour Pilot Special – Main Title Theme & Underscore
Generation O! – WB Network – Animated series, 13 episodes – Underscore
CBS Television – Fall On-Air Promos – Themes & Underscore
ABC 7 News – On-Air Promo – Theme & Underscore

Client Testimonials

“If there has been one constant variable in all my creative successes over the years, it has been Michael Carey. He has made me look so good so many times, people have begun to mistake me for George Clooney. I owe Michael for making my years at Bozell award-winning... creating brilliant and original solutions for every account in the shop (yes! the ONLY music supplier we used for EVERY account in the agency was Michael!) Not only did he provide musical solutions, he provided marketing insights...He came up with amazing tracks and ideas for Exxon, Coke, and when we pitched and won the Taco Bell kid's business... not only did he write, score, arrange, and produce six different themes for six totally different campaigns, he also provided VOs, SFX and more... Michael and I produced over 70 radio and TV spots for Outback Steakhouse during a 15 year relationship working directly for the client, and over 40 spots for Carrabba's Italian Grill. When I moved into TV, and got my first show on the Kid's WB, who did I go out to get to score our award-winning series... there was never any question... And years later, when I was approached to pitch the Papa Johns pizza, it was Michael who was not just my musical better half, but my creative partner in developing the work that won the account. But even more, Michael is one of the nicest people I know in the world. He is kind, thoughtful, insightful, and is is truly a pleasure to call him my friend. I also like his politics... Michael is the best music person there is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”  
David Hale
CEO/Chief Hostage Negotiator – The Resistance
EVP/Creative Director – Bozell-LA
EVP/Managing Partner/Creative Director – DMB&B/NY
SVP/Co-Group Creative Director – J. Walter Thompson/NY


“During our production process on Louna's CD "Behind a Mask" Michael was a great resource and sounding board. He made several good suggestions, many of which were used, and I appreciated his positive yet constructive attitude. Later, when the album was finished, he suggested a remix of one of their songs. I agreed. What we received was a great collaborative final result for our digital release. He takes direction but still never compromises his integrity as an artist. I enjoy working with Michael and plan to in the future.”
Travis Leake
Red Decade Records, LLC


“Michael is a music professional in every sense of the word. His creative composing skills always provide excellent tracks. Combine that with his vast knowledge of music and instruments, his ability to assemble and direct creative teams, and his comfort with lyrics and vocals and you've got Resonation! I would highly recommend contacting Michael for any upcoming music needs.” 
David Gioiella
Vice President, NY Chapter AICE
Owner/Principal Editor
Northern Lights Post - NY / Bodega Films


“Michael Carey is not only one of the nicest people I've ever met, but his formidable and far-ranging talents are indispensable for anyone looking for a music creator. He has blown me away as a composer, producer, player, engineer, and singer.... Whether you need someone to provide music for a project or someone to collaborate with, you will not be disappointed if you are fortunate enough to work with Michael Carey!”
Charles Judge
Charles Judge Music
Arranger/Producer/Session Keys: credits include Colbie Callait, Carrie Underwood, Keith Urban, Rascal Flatts, etc.


“Michael is an extremely talented composer. He understands nuances, irony and even the subtlety of humor. And to make things even better, he is a pleasure to work with. I have no hesitations recommending Michael. I look forward to the next time we can do something together.” 
Danny Kaufman
Commercial Director – BOGADA, Bully Pictures
Member - Director at Directors Guild of America


“Michael Carey has provided great musical solutions and collaborated on a number of projects with us for Outback Steakhouse. Always ready with plenty of options, Michael is versatile, fast, and always looking to take on a challenge ("We're looking for a signature digeridoo line...") He handled an incredibly complicated online project for Outback with great skill and incredible patience – and as always, it sounded fabulous. Always a pleasure.”  
John Colquon
Creative Director
The Kaplan Thaler Group


“Michael is an incredibly talented artist. He brings a wealth of knowledge and fresh insights to his projects. His dedication gave us flexibility in our work flow, resulting in terrific spots and satisfied clients.”  
Michael Novello
Northern Lights Post - NY


“Michael is one of those rare creative talents who is not only a highly astute composer/songwriter, producer, and mixer, but also a gifted performer and musician in his own right. In full possession of superb artistic instincts, intelligence, and a wealth of knowledge of the craft of writing, recording and producing music, Michael consistently delivers work which is outstanding, compelling, and singular. 

Perhaps the best way to encapsulate Michael's talent is to say that every time I work with him, I learn something new. Whether it's Michael hiring me, or the other way around, collaborating with him is always a treat, and I'm always a better musician for it when the project is finished. 

Michael's big-picture conceptual abilities, his attention to detail, his commitment to staying ahead of the curve, and his unshakable professionalism become evident from the get-go, and any performer, advertising agency, or producer of new media, television, or film would be well served to avail themselves of Michael’s talents – he’s a powerhouse!” 
James Verboort