Bent·ley \ˈbent-lē\

Vibe: Soulful Modern Rock


• Julia Feldman - Lead Vocals (age 21)
• Adam Feldman - Guitar, Backing Vocals (age 23)
• Gavin Gottlich - Bass, backing Vocals (age 21) 
• Adam Levy - Drums (age 21) 

BNTLY was formed when siblings Adam and Julia Feldman, writing and performing acoustically since their early teens, teamed up with schoolmates Adam Levy and Gavin Gottlich, who along with the Feldmans, had emerged from the award-winning Calabasas High School music program (spawning ground for Incubus and Maroon 5). Their collective chemistry was undeniable and BNTLY (pronounced "Bentley") was formed.  

The four have been shaped by an eclectic mix of 70s funk and soul, classic and alternative rock, and the current wave of organic, jazz-influenced hip hop. The result is a potent stew of soulful, modern rock anchored by Levy’s and Gottlich’s deep, sinuous grooves, Feldman’s fiery guitar work, and Julia’s passionate, compelling vocals. The band recorded "live-in-studio" tracking as a rhythm section to capture their powerful live performance energy and vibe. 

Produced by Michael Carey and Brad Cobb