Guitar Sessions

Idina Menzel, Mary Lambert, Pablo Alboran, Andy Vargas, Vanesa Martin, Tony Lucca, Jason Castro, J.R. Richards, Wilson Phillips,  Alyse Black, Grace Vardell, Eric Rosse, Desmond Child, Howard Benson, Brad Cobb, Louna, Kenichi Kurosowa, Agnes Chan, MAX, Nogu Svelo!, Capitol, Warner Music, Sony Music, Universal Music, Warner Chappell, Interscope, hundreds of national TV commercials including Coca Cola, Ford, Lincoln Mercury, Toyota, Honda, NASCAR, Sega, Outback, Kawasaki, Sonic, Asahi, Bonefish Grill, trailers & themes for Miramax & Disney, CBS, TBS, Sony

Guitar Sampler 1 Track Log:
0:00  Runaway Heart - Momentum: Modern Pop/Rock Hits (Big Fish Audio) 
0:23  Jacquie Lee - Drown Me (The Voice/300 Entertainment)
0:48  Relentless - Momentum: Modern Pop/Rock Hits (Big Fish Audio)  
1:04  Crazy - Eric Rosse songwriting demo (Warner Chappell) 
1:28  Mary Lambert - Heart On My Sleeve - Capitol
1:50  Creamy Sky - Momentum: Modern Pop/Rock Hits (Big Fish Audio)  
2:06  Andy Vargas - The Beat - Souleros Records
2:27  Alyse Black - Low Lamp (Indie) 
2:48  Kenichi Kurosawa - Wondering - Pony Canyon Japan
3:41  Hold On - Momentum: Modern Pop/Rock Hits (Big Fish Audio)  
4:15  Reckless - Momentum: Modern Pop/Rock Hits (Big Fish Audio) 
4:55  Pablo Alborán - Despidete (Warner Music) 
5:25  Alyse Black - Wildest Dreams (Indie) 
6:01  Alysse Black - Love Lives (Indie) 

(Guitar Sampler 2 - Rock: Modern/Classic/Alt - coming soon) 

Please inquire here to discuss rates or for more info.

Remote session clients please send zipped Pro Tools sessions - OR - complete song-length audio stems (bounced from bar-1/beat-1) with tempo and session-specs to

Dropbox, Hightail, Box and WeTransfer are all good options. 

A pre-session "creative direction" conversation is highly recommended.

Also available for on-site sessions.


Electric Guitars

  • 1973 Les Paul Custom “Black Beauty” 
  • 1991 Eric Chaz Custom Melody Maker w/Sunrise single coils and a Tom Anderson splittable humbucker
  • 2005 Fender Telecaster w/Grosh Hand-Wound GT-Neck & GT-Bridge Pickups 
  • 1991 Jerry Jones Baritone Guitar w/Soap Bar Pickups 
  • 1980s Rickenbacker Electric 12-String 
  • 1982 Peavy 5-String Dyno-Bass 

Acoustic Guitars

  • 1957 Gibson J-50 Dreadnought
  • 1961 Gibson L4 Archtop 
  • 1973 Guild 12-String Dreadnought 
  • 1973 Wilson Flamenco Gut String 
  • Michael Kelly L-DLX Mandolin 
  • Martin Backpacker Acoustic 

Guitar & Bass Amps

  • 1974 Marshall JMP 50w Head (optimized by Roy Blankenship)
  • 1964 Fender Princeton 20w Combo (Tan, Pre-CBS model- optimized by Roy Blankenship)
  • 1991 Demeter TGA-3 75w Tube Head 
  • 1973 Traynor YBA-2A Bass Mate 60w Head (optimized by Roy Blankenship)
  • 1954 Premiere Model 71 50w Combo w/original Alnico 12”
  • 1952 Wilson 15w Combo w/8” Speaker 
  • Fender Rumble-60 Combo Bass Amp

Guitar Cabinets

  • Lamar Oversized Birch 2x12 Slant Cab w/Scumback H55s 
  • Marshall 1986 JCM800 Lead Series Straight 4x12 w/original Celestion G12T75s
  • Swanson 1x12 “Bluesbreaker” Cab w/Scumback “Scumnico” (Alnico) Speaker 
  • Leslie Model 16 “Vibratone” Modelw/JBL 100w 10” 
  • Custom Pine Open-Back 1x12 w/WGS G12C/S Vintage American-Voiced 12”


  • Wah:  Geoffrey Teese RMC2 Wah | 1969 Vox Model V847 Wah
  • Volume:  Mission Engineering VM-Pro
  • Compressors:  Demeter Compulator | Keeley Compressor | Xotic SP Compressor
  • Dirt/Overdrive:  Zvex Box Of Rock | JHS Charlie Brown | Xotic AC Booster | H.B.E. Germania 44 | Lovepedal Believe (Octave OD)  
  • Fuzz:  Demeter Fuzzulator | Wren & Cuff Tall Font Russian | Lovepedal Bonetender
  • Boost:  Sweet Sound Habenero | Zvex Super Hard On | Retro-Sonic Preamp | Xotic EP Booster
  • Modulation:  Demeter Tremulator | Sweet Sound Mojo Vibe | Hartman Analog Flanger | Strymon Lex Rotary
  • Delay:  EHX Deluxe Memory Man (modded by AnalogMan) | Lovepedal, EchoBaby | Lovepedal Gen5 Echo

*See STUDIO page for more info on room specs, recording equipment, mics, outboard gear, monitors, software, etc..