Momentum: Pop Rock Hits | Composer, Producer, Mixer, Guitars, Bass, Programming


"From the powerful duo of Jeff Carruthers and Michael Carey comes Momentum: Pop Rock Hits, a Pop-Rock Library packed with radio ready tracks and chart-topping hits. Based on the sounds of both current radio hits and styles that are on the rise, Momentum is truly ahead of the curve and delivers all the elements necessary to create solid pop-rock tracks for the modern ear. With over 3.5 GB of original content split between 10 full construction kits, you know that only the best production methods were followed, only the best gear was used and not a single corner was cut. Each Construction Kit includes full sections to build entire modern pop and rock tracks from front to back and a folder of multi-drum stems so that you have complete production control over your drum track."

Composed/Produced/Recorded/Mixed by Jeff Carruthers & Michael Carey

  • Michael Carey - Electric & Acoustic Guitars, Mandolin, Bass, Programming, Vocals 
  • Jeff Carruthers - Electric & Acoustic Guitars, Ukelele, Bass, Keys, Programming, Vocals, Loop Editing 
  • MB Gordy - Drums, Percussion 
  • Julia Feldman - Vocals 
  • BigFishAudio Team - KLI Programming